Hey, remember me?

Ok so I before christmas I made a video updating on what i'm been up to. but then Blogger was stupid and wouldn't upload it... and it's apparently too long for youtube :(
so i guess i'm gonna have to write and catch you all up on my happenings. So since i'm lazy, and still need to clean my room I'm not going to go into too much detail (sorry! if you have questions, comment!) and just stick with bullet points. 

Rest of October:

-Went to Rothenburg with my hostbrother and his girlfriend
-Made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies
-Went to Federweiße abend at a friends house. This was a lot of fun and I met some really cool people. Federweiße is wine before it completly ferments (i think) so it's a lot sweeter and really yummy
-Late Orientation Camp (not really that exciting...)
-My birthday- since it was on a monday it was pretty low key- had coffee and cake with my hostfamily
-Went to my first disco (club)- it was on a boat!
- Celebrated my birthday with my friends. Lots of fun! We drank cocktails and just hung out and it was really awesome
-Halloween- kind of boring but i think that was only because everyone was tired from my birthday party the night before


-Herbst ferien (fall break)
      -hung out with friends
      -went to nürnberg with a bunch of other exchange students
-Had my first performance with my jugendkapelle - really fun, but incredibly long! we were there until 6 and didn't get back to uettingen until around 9:30 (in the morning... the next day!)
-Thanksgiving weekend- my friends Annecca (another CBYXer) came to visit from Nürnberg. We spent saturday baking pie and then went out saturday night to an Après Ski Party in the town next to mine. It was really really cold but still fun. Sunday we spent the entire day cooking and managed to pull off an extremely delicious 12 person thanksgiving dinner :) Everyone (myself, annecca, my hostparents, my hostsister and her husband, my hostmom's sister and her husband, uwe, lisa, tessa, and andy) all enjoyed it very much.
Our Turkey (pre-roast)

Our Feast

This weekend was also the first snow :) It marked the beginning of a completely white december.

-I went to Bamberg with my hostsister and a bunch of her friends. We went to the weihnachtsmarkt there which was really pretty
-AFS christmas party- we each had to present something about christmas in our country, so I read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
-Played at the Uettingen Christmas concert
-I'll post about christmas break in another post cause I want to actually go into a little more detail on that.

Ok so feel free to comment! 

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