So you wanna go on exchange?
First, don't knock the thought because you think your parents will say no, you don't have the money, you can't miss any school etc. Here's some helpful hints to get you closer to going on exchange:

1. Do the research
            If you have a lot of the information before you talk to your parents, they might be more likely to listen and be open to exchange

2. Look for scholarships
           Just because most exchanges cost about $10,000 doesn't mean you have to pay that much. There are plenty of scholarships out there for exchange. Try looking at the state departments website, they list a bunch of government paid scholarships (like the CBYX scholarship I won). If you don't like any of those, a lot of exchange organizations have scholarships available.

3. Talk to your language teacher/guidance counselor
          Chances are you language teacher will know about a few exchange opportunities, that's how I found out about mine. If you don't take a language or your school doesn't have a language program, try talking to your guidance counselor. If he/she doesn't know much about exchange he/she will be able to find out about it pretty quickly. They can also talk to you about how it will affect your academic career. However, if your guidance counselor does not support your desire to go on exchange don't be discouraged. That's just one less person you have to thank for helping you have the best experience of your life.

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