Yesterday. A typical Wednesday afternoon. I get home from school, get a snack, take a nap, get up, grudgingly take out my calc notebook to start my homework, and log onto my computer. I pull up all my usual sites, facebook, email, CS (Cultures Shocked ). As I'm perusing CS i notice someones added a post to the CBYX '10-'11 thread;' I notice that it's someone from AFS, intrigued i click the thread and read two short sentences: "AFS just called me and I got the scholarship. This is great."
I immediately start freaking out, a million thoughts fly through my head, "I didn't get it and they don't have the heart to tell me" "Maybe they haven't gotten to me yet" "No one's gonna call me, and i won't find out until like next week that i didn't get it" I eventually calm down and force myself to stop repeatedly refreshing my email and move away from my computer. My homework lays unfinished, I can't concentrate on anything, so I eat dinner and try to watch some TV with my family. Finally my phone rings; I spring up and run to answer it, only to hear my dad on the other end asking for my mom. Disappointed I hand the phone to my mom and sit back down. At last I relax enough to concentrate on the TV, just in time to watch Jeopardy. The phone rings again, this time my mom answers. I hear her say "hold on" and she walks into the room and hands me the phone. It's Sue Fershing, my AFS area rep and she has good news.
The second I hear the words, you got the scholarship, I literally jumped for joy. The wait was finally over. Five months after I first applied, and then waited, was interviewed, waited and waited some more I finally knew. It was the happiest moment of my life.

So now a little about this blog. So as you may have interpreted from the story above I won a scholarship. To what you may be asking? I won a scholarship from CBYX (Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange) to spend next year (September-July) in Germany. I will be traveling with other highschoolers from my region in the country (the northeast) through AFS. We will each get placed with a family in Germany with whom we will stay for the year. I will attend school, and basically live like and hopefully become like a German. So I have decided to make this blog to keep all my friends and family around the world (and anyone else who decides to read this) informed of my exchange, and for me to look back on after (and maybe show my kids one day, hahaha).

So yea, at the moment I don't really have any news. Until I recieve or hear something worth noting from AFS I'll probably just blog about the end of my senior year (cause hey, who doesn't want to hear about how awesome it is being a senior? ;) hahaha)

So until next time (hopefully soon).

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