First Week

So i'm finally forcing myself to update this blog. Let's just say I haven't been very motivated lately. So here's follows about 4 (?) updates.

Um I don't really remember where I left off in my other post so if i repeat stuff I apologize. The second day of school was a lot better. I still didn't understand much but it wasn't as overwhelming and I recognized people. So a little observation I made on my way to school the second day:
Ok, I know I learned that kids and teens are given a lot more responsibility and independence in Germany but I didn't really realize how much until one day before school I was taking the streetcar. A little girl (probably about 9 or 10) gets on, by herself, dressed in her leather jacket and converse. I was a little surprised because not only was this girl taking the streetcar in a city by herself but it was also only the second day of school. I don't know, maybe I'm the only one shocked about this.
So wednesday not much exciting happened. I had gym (here called sport) for the first time. Here they only have gym once a week and it's treated like any other subject, meaning we learn things...
-girls and guys are separated
-when i heard we'd be playing volleyball I was really excited, but no, we learned how to play volleyball...
-little ballet slipper type things count as sneakers...
-If you forgot your sneakers you can play barefoot
-Only one class (grade) has gym at a time (which i guess is why it's only once a week)
But what I liked about gym was that I was able to talk more with the other girls. And I met two girls in one of the other 10th grade classes that are also new to germany. Gabby is from florida and moved to Würzburg with her family. She knows absolutely no german. Samantha is from Mexico and moved here  for the year with her family so she can learn german (her dad's originally from Germany). They were both really nice and we all knew what it was like to not know anyone an not understand what was going on half the time. So after class we exchanged numbers.
Thursday I met my liaison, Jana, after school and we hung out in Würzburg. We walked to the shopping area of the city (which since then I have become pretty familiar with (; ) and stopped at a book store to grab some coffee. It was really nice to talk with her since she had just returned in July from a year in Ohio, so she knew what I was going through. After we had our coffee we went shopping a bit, she helped me get my school things and I bought a really awesome pair of boots. At around 6:30 we walked back to the train station, said goodbye and Jana ran off to catch her train. So I walked over to the bus station, where it promptly started to rain. I tried to figure out the bus schedule but just got really confused and was pretty sure that I had just missed the last bus. Just as I started to panic my host mom called, asking where I was. I explained to her that I think I missed the last bus and she said she'd come pick me up, no problem. And that was pretty much my adventure for the week.
Friday I finally got my new school schedule and I no longer have to take bio, chemistry, or economics :) So my new schedule is as follows:
3-Physics (10th grade)
4-German (5th grade)
5+6- English (12th grade)

1- German (5th grade)
3+4-Math (11th grade)
5-Geography (10th grade)
6- Art (10th grade)
7- Intensive German

1- English (12)
2-Germany (7th grade)
5+6- Sport (10)

1-English (12)
2-German (7)
3- Music (10)
5-German (5)
7-Mittagspause (basically lunch if you have afternoon classes)
8-Physics (10)

4-German (10)
5+6-Math (11)

So monday, wednesday and friday i'm done by 1. Tuesday I have basically private german during lunch so I'm done by 1:45, and thursday I'm done at 2:30. Since there isn't a set lunch there is a 15 minute break after every 2 periods, and each period is 45 minutes long.When you don't have class (which is often for me) you can leave school or just do whatever. When those free period are in the morning then you don't have to come into school until you have class.
So I think this post is long enough, I'll write another one about my first weekend.

Oh and comment if you have any questions or want me to write about something specific

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