First Weekend: Stadtfest -> AFS camp

So my weekend started off pretty boring. I sat around and tried to figure out how I was going to get myself to Jana's that night when the last bus left at 3 (which was way to early) eventually my hostmom said it would be no problem to drop me off there after we went to the Stadtfest in Würzburg. So after lunch, Inge, Jule, and Elly (my hostmom's sister) left for the stadtfest. 
So many people at the fest

It was really awesome and really big. We met up with the rest of the family and I left to go meet Samantha. After finally finding each other in a city neither of us is really familiar with we walked around a took in the sites. We tried ate some german classics, bratwurst and gebrannt Mandeln. We walked over to the Residenz, an old castle where the new Three Musketeers movie starring Orlando Bloom is being filmed. Unfortunately Orlando Bloom wasn't there but it was still really beautiful. 

the Residenz
After we walked around some more and did a little shopping. I bought a really nice leather jacket (well i'm pretty sure it's fake leather) and a scarf. There were so many people and so many cover bands playing so when we got tired we'd just stop for a little and listen to the bands. At around 6 I met up with Inge and said to goodbye to Samantha. Then we drove to Jana's.
Jana and I talked for a little until her friends came over who were all really nice. Then we walked to another friend of her's, where there were more people. We all played SingStar and it was really fun. Everyone was really nice and talked with me. Finally at around 2:30 everyone left and Jana and I headed back to her house. 
We both passed out and had to get up around 8 the next morning.
We took the train to Schweinfort and met with all the other Afsers in the Würzburg area. I was the only American student so it was really cool to meet people from all over the world. We wallked around, doing some siteseeing, which was a little pointless since everything everywhere in Germany is closed on Sundays. After we ate lunch we at sat around and discussed how our first week was and what the rules of AFS were. It was pretty boring aside from getting to talk to other students and the german returnees from the US. Finally at around 5, I left with Inge and Jule. Jule and I were so hungry we stopped at an italian restaurant in Uettingen for dinner (yummm (: ) That's about all I did my first weekend. It was a little busy but pretty fun. 


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