*This was written on wednesday even though I'm not posting it until today because blogger is being a really big pain*

So today was my second day of school. School's been going ok except it's really hard to understand what's going on in the lessons. At the moment I'm in the 10th grade but friday I'm supposed to get a special schedule so I'm hoping I'll be in a few classes with older grades… so what i did the past few days and some thoughts on german school.
Yesterday my host mom walked me to the bus stop where I met Lisa who also goes to my school. I think she's in the 12th grade and she's really nice. She's been helping me figure out the bus system and whatnot. So after we got to school, we stopped by the office where the secretary told me that this week I'll be in class 10d and at the end of the week I'll get a special schedule with a bunch of different classes. We then walked to my class for what I guess would be homeroom and the teacher introduced me to a couple girls, Teresa, Lisa and Marina. They kinda talked with me for a little and then a teacher came and unlocked the door (because it can only be opened from the inside) and basically everyone tried to shove through the door at once. Apparently if you're the last one in the room you'll get a really bad seat? Anyway, homeroom was pretty self explanatory, we got the schedule and the teacher read through the rules. So after about an hour and a half of homeroom (!?!?) we had pause. So basically we all walked to our next class (chemistry) and waited outside the room for about 15 minutes.
Chemistry- yea i basically understood two words… oh well i never really like chemistry anyway. After chemistry we had art. Art- not what i expected at all. So there's a curriculum and it was just weird. We talked about architecture and then we started a project? I was really confused so I just doodled for the last couple minutes of class. After art was another pause so we walked to economics (i think) i'm not really sure yet what the class is about but the teacher seemed really cool and we played a game that was kind of like jeopardy. I understood most of it but I only knew the answers to 2 questions but by the time I figure out what the question means someone else had already answered it. Our last class was geography with our homeroom teacher. We just spent the whole class electing a Klasensprecher (like a class leader?) And then we were done. Since it was the first day of school we didn't have our afternoon classes which would have been math and english. 
So a few things about school I noticed the first day. 
We have almost all our classes with the same people.
The teachers all took pictures of us so they can learn our names faster. I guess it's a good idea but if a teacher tried it back home I feel like it wouldn't be appreciated.
Even though it's a gymnasium it seems like no one (well at least in my class) cares about school. Basically no one takes notes (unless there's a designated note taker that i don't know about) and no one really pays too much attention to the lesson. The teachers don't seem to care when people have side conversations.
The teachers dress really casual. Basically all my teachers wore jeans and most wore sneakers. I'm pretty sure in chatham that's only allowed on fridays.

*So if i added about my second day this post would be super long so i'll write about my 2nd-4th day this afternoon.


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