So i'm too lazy to try to remember my 3rd week and I'm pretty sure I didn't do much anyway. So I'll just pick up with my weekend from that week.
So friday I had band rehearsal and Anna had a clarinet for me so I was able to play with. It was a lot of fun but I was really rusty from not playing since June. Afterwards Anna asked me if I was doing anything and of course I wasn't so she invited me to hang out with a bunch of them. So we picked up another friend of their's, Rodger, and drove around for about 2 hours putting up posters for a fest in Uettingen the following week. Then we met up with others at a bar in Marktheidenfeld, It was really cool since it was in the basement of a restaurant. It was 80's night which i guess isn't so popular since we were basically the only people there but it was still fun. I got home around 3:30 and basically passed out for a couple hours before having to get up again to get to the train station on time.
So I got to the bus stop at like 6:20 and at around 6:25 the bus still wasn’t there. So I checked my bus schedule and it turned out that the bus wasn’t supposed to get there at 6:23 like I thought but actually 6:47.  Anyway, I finally got to Würzburg where I met up with the other people from AFS-Würzburg. We got onto our train to Nürnberg around 7:30 which was pretty full of other dirndl and lederhosen decked people also hoping to go to the fest, but luckily we were able to snag some seats. A good thing because our train from Nürnberg to München was so full that almost all of us had to stand for the 2+ hours. Not fun.

The train ride wasn't so boring because almost every person was pre-partying in some form (which was entertaining) and we were able to talk with one another. I found out that the hostsister of another exchange student (the girl from Italy) au paired in the US for a year, a month of which was in New Jersey. I asked her where in Jersey and it turns out she was in Chatham for a month (small world, huh?) However I didn’t know the family.
Welcome to Oktoberfest

Finally we arrived in München around 12 where we took a quick bathroom and food break before walking to the fest. Oktoberfest was not at all what I expected, then again I’m not really sure what I expected. The only way I can really think to describe it is like an gigantic state fair but with like thousands and thousands of people and beer. Lots and lots of beer. Everywhere you looked was huge beer tents and little beer gardens and groups of people just plain drinking in the street.

We really wanted to get into a beertent (which are more like buildings) but they were all full and the wait was probably 2 hours to get in. So we just went to a little beer garden and each ordered a beer.

Once we were finished drinking we walked around the fest for a little and then decided to try out some rides. The rides were pretty cool but then Sonja and I needed the bathroom... the line was easily 15 ft long. Finally we were able to use the facilities (disgusting by the way) so we walked around some more, bought some extremely expensive fries and other food and then before we knew it, it was 4 and we had to meet the rest of the group to catch the train home.

We were all exhausted during the train ride back to Nürnberg but luckily we were able to have seats this time. We met a group of really funny, very drunk guys who kept the train entertained with their own renditions of songs. We missed our train to Würzburg so we had about an hour and a half in Nürnberg. We decided to get some dinner. Noone wanted to search for a place to eat so we ended up at the Burger King (despite my protest) next to the train station. Finally around 11 we made it back to Würzburg. However I had missed my bus to Uettingen and would have had to wait another hour but luckily Jamie's (exchange student from Thailand) host parents offered to drive me home. I got home around 12 and basically just passed out.
Um Sunday I'm pretty sure I just chilled out at home. I watched the soccer game in Uettingen and went to Nicole's for lunch and dinner and that's pretty much it. 

Sorry that it's taking me sooo long to catch up with blogging.

Comment if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say something :)

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