A really late recap of week 2

So I'm not a very good exchange student: I just realized it's been almost a month since my last post. woops

Ok I guess I'll pick up where i last left off, week 2. Ok after racking my brain for a bit I've remembered most of what i did.
Monday was the first day of my new schedule and it was pretty great not having to sit through classes where i didn't understand anything. After school Inge and I went for a walk around Uettingen. We ran into a friend of hers (who's family owns a bus company) and she invited us for a drive. So a couple minutes later we piled into their car and drove to Rhön (eastern bavaria). It turns out that one of their buses was having engine trouble so Inge's friend had to drop off her husband to check on the bus (or something along those lines). Anyway, on our way back we decided to stop the old border between former east and west germany. Unfortunately I was dumb and didn't bring my camera with but it was still an awesome experience. It was sad to think how one day people would all of sudden be separated from their neighbors.
The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. It was nice to meet some older students in my new classes. Friday I went to my first rehearsal for the town youth orchestra (well more like jazz/folk band). However since for some reason Germany plays a different "system" of clarinet I couldn't play with since they didn't have another clarinet for me to play. It was still really cool and everyone was really nice.
Saturday we went to the 70th birthday party for Inge's brother. It was oktoberfest themed and held in this hall in town. It was really cool since everyone wore dirndl and lederhosen (I borrowed one from a friend of Inge's).

Sunday we pretty much just hung around and relaxed. We went and watched soccer in town and that was basically it.
So now that I finally have started updating this I've promised myself to write way more regularly. So tomorrow I will force myself to sit down and write about week three.

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