Week 4 recap

Two posts in two days, haha can you believe it? **(Note: I had started this the day after my last post but then a friend showed up so i was unable to finish)
So I'm flipping through my journal (which, unlike my blog, I have been updating regularly) and I apparently did nothing terribly exciting in my 4th week in germany.

I took a quiz in my 11th grade math class that week which was pretty easy despite the fact that it was in german and I had not calculator. But i ended up getting a 1 so it all worked out. (the grading system here is 1-6, 1 being the equivalent of an A). Tuesday I met Sonja afterschool and we did a bit of shopping (well she did a bit of shopping and I just hung out) After hanging out with her for a bit I met up with my Inge and Nicole (and the two little ones). We walked around for a a bit and got ice cream and then drove up the the Marienberg overlooking Würzburg. The view was unbelievable.

Thursday after school I went shopping in Würzburg. I went by myself since I didn't have a lot of time and I bought myself 3 tops and a pair of jeans.
Friday there was a fest in Uettingen (the finale of the 2010 Dirndl tour). So after school I helped set up since I'm in the jugendkapelle. Everyone was really excited to hear that I was coming that night which was nice. I would go into detail about the fest that night but it's halloween and I need to get ready for the party I'm going to tonight. :)

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